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Why Dried Split Ginger is essential to use?

by Shebag Shebag holdings Holdings (2020-01-17)

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) may be a perennial herb with pungent underground stems called rhizomes. Ginger is grown within the middle belt axis of Nigeria.
Two varieties dominate ginger production: “Tafin-Giwa”, yellowish plump rhizomes, and “Yatsun-Biri”, black or darker smaller rhizomes. The yellowish variety is usually exported. Nigerian ginger is very valued on the international marketplace for its high oil and oleoresin content.

Ginger is planted from April to August of an equivalent year and mostly traded during the season which is between October of an equivalent year and March of the subsequent year when it's mainly available for purchase. However, ginger might be supplied all year round supported demand and stocking.Dried Split Ginger are often used for several health purposes.It are often wont to reduce muscle pain and soreness. We make sure that our ginger are dried and neatly packaged for export to our client countries