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by Charline Santana (2019-03-03)

Now that you have successfully created a backup file, you can now start tinkering away with your Windows Registry, a process explained in the next article. You can load your Registry backup file by clicking the IMPORT function under FILE in your Registry Editor. If Windows won load properly, boot your PC in safe mode to get in and restore the registry..

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The last vehicle in the convoy couldn lock it rear doors (got to love shitty maintenance) and a protester set off a smoke grenade inside, cops got out and the vehicle got looted and burnt. Their colleagues got down with their weapons out and saved them but by that time someone had gotten off with a HK G36 stored in the van. Fun times..

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Using a task killing application may actually slow the phone down as it will automatically relaunch processes that it feels it needs to run almost immediately after you close them with the task killer. It is best to let the Android operating system do what it was designed to do, run efficiently. Android does not handle memory like Windows operating systems.

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