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by May Larson (2019-03-15)

We would probably end up with 6 8 wins instead of the 4 6 or so we will end up with, still miss the playoffs or barely scrape in and get destroyed. And then you go into the draft with a worse pick and still without a 3rd rounder.The Tate trade is a net loss for this season no doubt but it really put into perspective how bad JBC offense is without a guy who can make things happen out of nothing. We ended up getting a day 2 pick for a guy who wouldn have been on this team after ths year anyway.TheThirdLevel 9 points submitted 3 days agoCouldn disagree more.

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Right, and I could easily just say that due to illegal American interventions across the globe, America has no place criticising Russian interventions.The point is on every anti Russia thread when someone points out US hypocrisy for doing something similar or worse, Americans here cry whataboutism literally every time.Yet when China makes a comment on the human rights of this Huawei executive, the same Americans are quick to list all the awful things China does. I don give a fuck about them. What being discussed here is with regards to actions taken by the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa.And in case you didn noticed, this isn just any other citizen being arrested.

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