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by Katia Burford (2019-04-10)

Overall this style of deciding makes you a more versatile player as it forces you to learn how to deal with more situations. In general, being locked to a single position is a very dumb way to play the game because you have nowhere to go when you are being countered or if a teammate wants to play that spot (you could think of it as only being able to play only one role in a moba). 1 point submitted 23 days agoI watched 30 seconds of your dm session so if it changed later I apologize.

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While the funky design looks great and will likely be a conversation starter when it spotted by visitors, the practicality is questionable. The Boxee Box isn particularly thin in any direction, and since the cube is tilted rather than level, it doesn have flat surface that could potentially support any other device. Despite being designed specifically for the home theater, Boxee Box doesn seem like it would fit well inside one..

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