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by Colin Allum (2019-04-12)

If you ever forget your lock pattern on your HTC Aria, you must reset the phone because unfortunately there is no way to bypass the lock pattern. When you reset the phone, you will reset everything in the phone to factory settings. This means you will lose everything that was once in the phone.

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Between this and no merc I am done with BLOPS4 until its fixed unfortunately. Its not so much that I even care about the "kill" as much as you aren earning points at all if you die. Also feels like this patch fucked up the netcode. The GM and wife have been overseas the last week and a half and are due back week after next, and we are looking forward to that. You have to treat it like a team sport. Many RPGers are lax and resist accountability; find some who take it as seriously as you do.

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There have been a lot of questions about just where Apple plans to go in the near future. Steve Jobs was such a powerful force behind the company. His involvement ranged from standard operations to product design, and just about any Apple presentation worth anything had Jobs front and center.

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