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by Alex Clark (2020-01-10)

The main component of this herbal preparation is the alkaloid cytisine, obtained from creeping broom. The mechanism of action of this substance is similar to that of nicotine: it causes a surge in adrenaline, stimulates the respiratory centre, increases blood pressure, but also blocks the attachment of nicotine to the necessary receptors. But, unlike nicotine, cytisine has low toxicity and does not harm the body.

The use of the Tabex drug changes the taste of cigarette smoke, making it unpleasant, and due to the blocking of receptors, it leads to a gradual decrease and disappearance of nicotine addiction.

The biggest fear of all quit smokers is withdrawal. Taking Tabex can relieve withdrawal symptoms. Due to the cessation of constant nicotine intoxication during clinical trials, experts noted an improvement in the general condition of patients who want to quit smoking and who continues to order cigarettes online. One package is designed for one course - 25 days or 100 tablets. Just so much is contained in the Tabeks package, which is dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription.

Start to clear your lungs

Walk more. Well, if there is an opportunity to make a promenade through the coniferous forest.
Start playing sports: exercise increases ventilation. Only increase the load gradually.
Take inhalations: just breathe over the steam by adding essential oils to the water. Choose the smells you like. Coniferous aromas and lavender work well.

Think about money

If all of the above does not stop, then think about how much you could save by quitting smoking.

5 USD every two days looks like a very small amount. And now let's imagine that you have not smoked for six months: with a pack price of 5 USD and consumption of 10 cigarettes daily, abandoning this habit, you will save 5000 USD. These funds can be spent on a subscription to a sports studio, a massage course, or even start saving for a trip.