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Bulimia essay sample

by Amanda Polanski (2020-04-17)

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder. It is characterized by consuming a large amount of food during a short period of time and then trying to get rid of it which is usually done in the form of purging.

Undoubtedly, bulimia is closely connection with the emotional state of a person. Such person is likely to go through some very difficult time. Eating large amounts of food is supposed to make up for it but it almost never does. What is more, the person feels guilty after having eaten a lot which is the reason why she or he tries to get rid of it.

People who suffer from bulimia nervosa also have the desire to stay thin which is why they try to purge or vomit as soon as they realize how much they have eaten. As a result, it turns into an unstoppable process which influences not only physical health, but also a person’s well-being and emotional state. In general, the cycle is as follows: binge eating – purging to avoid gaining weight – disgust and shame – strict dieting – cravings for food and tension. Professional treatment can help a person establish healthy eating habits as well as overcome the feelings of guilt, anxiety and shame.

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