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Welcome to Shenzhen, the world's largest Amazon seller

by excelr Tuhin (2020-05-09)



While Amazon China has given up on fierce competition from local companies like Alibaba and Pinduoduo, Chinese sellers have managed to find Amazon the ideal portal to sell their products globally, and according to research from Marketplace Pulse , Shenzhen is the city with the most Amazon sellers worldwide.

(almost) One in three Chinese Amazon sellers is from Shenzhen 

It is not a secret that the number of Chinese sellers has increased steadily over the years, and if we consider the “ best sellers ” catalog on their marketplace, Chinese sellers have surpassed 40% this year .

Of these, most come from a single city: Shenzhen, one of the most important cities in Guangdong province , one of the main commercial and manufacturing regions of China .

This research was carried out by analyzing more than 250,000 Chinese sellers in Amazon world markets and has found that Guangdong province is home to 40.3% of them, followed by Shanxi province with 9.6%, Zhejiang in third place with 6.8% and Fujian with 6.2%.

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By cities,  Shenzhen leads the number of Amazon sellers with 31.8%, followed by Guangzhou by far with 5.1%, while Shanxi (3.2%), Lvliang (2.3%) and Yiwu (2.2%) , make up the total of Amazon sellers in Guangdong.

As you can see, only two cities in this province represent more than 35% of Chinese sellers in the retail giant.

China's Silicon Valley

In 1980, Shenzhen was a fishing village in the Pearl River Delta, across the Hong Kong border with just 30,000 inhabitants, but  after its designation as a special economic zone (the country's first) it attracted investment. massive .

Today, Shenzhen has some 12 million inhabitants : a city that has quickly become a megalopolis with 49 buildings over 200 meters high, including the second highest in the country at almost 600 meters.

Shenzhen has seen the birth of large Chinese companies,  and is in fact home to more than 8,000 high-tech companies such as Huawei, the world's second largest smartphone producer, in addition to  Tencent , a company that practically controls all internet sectors in the country and which owns WeChat and QQ, the most important instant messaging services in China. Not surprisingly,  Shenzhen is called China's “Silicon Valley”.

This is why 95% of its residents come from other parts of China , a population driven by the influx of workers and the large number of companies that have moved to Shenzhen, which also brought more than 20,000 foreigners who come from 127 countries among which Russia, the United Kingdom or South Korea stand out.

In the past 8 years, Shenzhen has raised more than $ 70 million in financing to develop sectors such as the Internet, information technology, biotechnology and renewable energy, which points to a very hopeful future for this city.

At the moment, her present is to flood Amazon's international markets with the products you buy every day.

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