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Nobody reads my blog what to do!

by Lois Cole (2020-05-09)

I write, they comment on me, but very viciously

What to do: It is important to remember that 5% create content, 15% comment, and 85% read without indicating their presence. It’s useful to know these figures, and when you are conducting dialogues with someone, especially heated discussions, defending your position, it seems to you that you are talking to a person who cannot be convinced, and yes, it does not seem to you that you will not convince him, but At this moment, your dialogues are watched by readers who draw conclusions for themselves, including about you, your level of knowledge of the topic and the ability to defend your position. Use a critical commentary to tel position in a very detailed manner, don’t get personal, don’t criticize your interlocutor only because his position is different from yours, but do not let the interlocutor mislead the audience, distorting the facts, or publishing a lie, ignoring In this case, tactics are not at all suitable, you will ignore them later when you describe how it really is and reliably show how and where exactly the facts are distorted. But if the facts are true, if the comment is balanced, even if it’s unpleasant to you, just thank and take into account, there is nothing worse when you continue to persist in where you yourself are wrong. Readers will always appreciate it, even if you don’t see it right away - in the comments and likes. At a minimum, it will be clear that a constructive dialogue is possible with you.

The number of subscribers is not growing.

Here, I would compare the writing of blog posts with training in the gym, when you train the same way and even more, and the weight does not change, or the results remain at the same level. And the advice for the bodybuilder and the blogger is the same, keep doing it. JUST DO IT day by day. This is no less insidious phase, because here begins dissatisfaction with oneself, attempts to revise the methodology, strategy, tactics, a waste of time on this, instead of just doing what needs to be done. In the words of one of my good friends athlete: "Continue to move"

The blog is very time consuming

Specialists in copywriting and writing texts at the best essay writing service say so: as a rule, they also add: "and it doesn’t give anything." Most often it is understood that it does not bring invitations to parties, blog tours, does not bring money. “Well, I’m writing, why doesn’t anything happen next?”, Yes, because to achieve just these goals, writing is not enough, you also need a lot of offline activity, interaction with people, often your own initiative, it often happens that they simply don’t know your desire to be somewhere and participate in something, and they are happy to invite and meet when they find out, and that this is not “the machinations of enemies who hang out in their party” (quote, I also heard it )
As for the time, I honestly admit that I myself stumbled upon it, technically, even for this text that I am writing right now, it takes at least 20-30 minutes for the text itself, and about the same amount for searching and processing photos. And this is on condition that I know exactly what to write and just sit and write, and do not reflect most of the time on what exactly and how to tell me.
And another point, if you initially tune in to the fact that the blog should bring money, then be prepared for the fact that you will need to deal with the selection of topics very carefully, spend much more than 30 minutes a day on posts, spend a lot of time analyzing the target audience and its preferences. That is, it is the same work as the work of a journalist in the editorial office, here the activities of both the journalist and the blogger are identical, with the only difference being that the blogger uses his platform, his own editor, corrector and build editor.

In general, the topic of blog monetization is worthy of a separate post, but if briefly, then most often bloggers get money for “jeans” - advertising material that goes without “advertising” as an initiative of the blogger himself for posting an advertising post (here the most important factors for the customer’s number of views of your blog, its coverage, subject, age and gender of your readers), for testing gadgets, services, whether restaurants or hotels, in general, for everything where a person’s opinion about a particular product or service is important. But before you get paid for it, you need to become a person whose opinion is important. This understanding sometimes passes by consciousness, hence all the disappointments.

If you also know critical areas that force you to abandon blogging and vigorous activity on social networks - write in the comments when you see that you are not alone and many face similar difficulties, it becomes much easier to overcome these obstacles.