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81% of Mexicans will give a Valentine's gift to their better half

by excelr Tuhin (2020-07-04)


Although men and women are biologically similar, their behavior and deeper desires manage to differ, not for nothing do they say that men are from Mars and women from Venus. Picodi carried out a survey to better understand how they celebrate and what Valentine's Day gifts both Mexican men and women expect this 2019.

To find out in detail the expectations and Valentine's gifts that Mexicans expect, the survey took into account the differences between both genders at an emotional and sociocultural level, among other factors.

Men and women don't always want the same thing on Valentine's Day

The Day of Love and Friendship has become a very popular holiday among Mexicans. In fact 85% of respondents will celebrate this special date, especially to show love to their partner, however 14% of them do not plan to celebrate this date.

Of course, one of the most anticipated is the Valentine's gift. 81% of respondents said they will look for a gift for their better half . Despite this, 12% think of giving a Valentine's gift to their family , 9% think of giving something to their coworkers and 16% will take advantage of showing love and affection to their friends with a gift of Saint Valentine.

Mexicans will give a Valentine's gift and celebrate this occasion with an average of 1,187 pesos . Men are those who are willing to pay up to 1,201 pesos compared to women who have contemplated an expense of 896 pesos.

In addition, The Day of Love and Friendship is a perfect pretext to confess your love to that special person , at least 13% of the respondents who assured that they will take advantage of this date to declare who they hope is their next partner.

A point to take into account especially for your redania's most wanted  campaigns is that more than half of the Mexicans surveyed (57%) prefer to buy gifts during the month of February or at the last minute , that is, on the 13th and 14th of same month.

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What Valentine's gift women expect

If you thought that the important thing this day is only love ... perhaps your partner does not think the same. 59% of Mexican women surveyed said that a Valentine's gift is equally important as the non-material aspect on this date.

Of the rest of the women, 14% prefer to receive a Valentine's gift, while 27% prefer a more emotional experience on this date.

Women prefer a Valentine's gift in the categories of clothing (41%), perfumes (37%), flowers (35%), cosmetics (31%) and sweets (25%).

But beware, the gifts they like the least are the Love and Friendship Day cards (39%), household appliances (37%), stuffed animals 827%), erotic toys (23%) and sweets (18%), for what you should avoid at all costs.

The most awaited Valentine's gift for men

Men are also prone to emotional aspects on this special date, at least that is what ensures 53% of surveyed Mexicans who expect to receive material as well as non-material gifts. 8% settle for a gift while 39% expect to spend the full day with their partner.

But what is the most awaited gift for men? 31% prefer clothing, while 27% prefer to choose the gift himself with a voucher, 25% of them prefer sweets, 24% perfume and 22% choose electronic devices.

Girls, do not give stuffed animals to your partners , at least 27% of Mexicans considered this the worst Valentine's gift. Another 24% consider sweets the worst gift, erotic toys are not preferred by 19% of respondents, 18% do not want clothes, and 16% consider flowers as the worst gift on this date.

As you can see, the sweets and clothing created controversy in the results, since while some love them, others hate them.

How do you hope to celebrate Valentine's Day? Tell us what is your most desired gift for this date.