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WHY YOUR KIDS SHOULD LEARN THE QURAN ONLINE The dream of every Muslim is to learn and recite the Holy Quran. It is a holy book of Islam and has divine knowledge that dictates the right path. However, it is not easy for anyone to learn the sacred book if they have no knowledge of Tajweed's rules. The main objective of the Tajweed rules is to make the reciter competent in reading the Quran. It is based on understanding the sound of the letters, pronunciation and unique letters used in the Quran. Understanding and learning the Quran with the rules of Tajweed can offer incredible benefits. Therefore, it is the dream of all Muslim parents to see their child learn the Quran with Tajweed. But this is easier said than done. Previously, it was challenging to find good teachers who understood Tajweed and who could pass on their knowledge to children. Today, parents have the option of letting their children learn to read Quran online from the comfort of their home. There are several resources online for kids. This is a surprising and convenient option for children and parents alike, and here are some reasons why: Benefits of letting your kids learn to read Quran online • Convenience Working parents find it very difficult to leave and pick up their children from the learning centers of the Quran or from mosques, where they can find a capable teacher. This problem can be eliminated when parents choose to let their children learn to read Quran online. This option is best because lessons can be scheduled at your convenience. You can select the schedules that suit you and your child and work with the teacher for online Quran classes. Several websites specialize in providing you and your children with recitation lessons with Quran lesson for kids. . • Professional teachers Online lessons do not mean that your child will receive classes through pre-recorded lessons or software. The expert teachers are willing to teach your child in live sessions through platforms such as Skype. These classes are quite interactive and can allow your child to learn the Quran with the right Tajweed and gain a better understanding. You can do a thorough investigation online to find a teacher who has enough skill to teach Quran lesson for kids. Some of these teachers are willing to provide you with a demonstration session so you can judge for yourself if they are appropriate. Internet and relevant technology are beneficial when it comes to how your kids learn to read Quran online, with programs such as Skype. Also, children's knowledge of computer systems and software is proving useful. The World Wide Web is already recognized as the most economical and beneficial tool for publishing lessons that children around the world can access and can use effectively in training and learning strategies. • Affordable Quran tuition cost You should let your kids learn the Quran online as it is quite affordable. Transportation costs are reduced for both parties since you do not have to leave your home and the tutors do not have to go to yours. Services such as Skype are used, which are completely free and offer the same benefits as a face-to-face class. Your children do not have to rely on theoretical notes to learn to read Quran online. In addition to transportation, the cost of tuition is considerably lower than if you let your children learn physically. • Lessons from anywhere in the world Whether you live in a Muslim or non-Muslim country, you should not worry about how your kids learn to read Quran, because there are now online Islamic institutes available that offer Quran lesson for kids throughout the world using the Internet as a source. You can easily have your children learn to read Quran online. • Certification available online Online teaching is taught by certified Tajweed tutors who have many years of experience in teaching and memorisation. All teachers are evaluated to ensure they can deliver high-quality Quran lesson for kids before assigning them to students. To ensure high-quality education, classes are regularly supervised by administrators to verify student progress and tutor tutoring styles. The teacher, administrator, and parents can communicate to obtain the best possible educational goals for children. Classes are suitable for kids and adults to learn to read Quran online. At the end of the school period, your child will be given the necessary certification after passing all the required tests from the online Quran classes. • No hurry The online lessons of the Quran are excellent because your child can learn at a constant pace. Usually, when your child has to learn the Quran in a community mosque, there is a set time that should be used. This may not be convenient for you, given transportation costs and other commitments. However, by allowing your children to learn to read Quran online, all you have to do is have a stable Internet connection, and your child is ready to learn. Once the tutor is connected, the child can learn at a rate that maximizes assimilation. • A one-on-one class without pressure If your child learns slowly, he will not have the feeling that he will be left out, since it is only an individual class. This is the best way to know that the Quran teacher is needed online. The tutor will only have to focus on your child for each session, and this will result in the maximum result. Also, the pressure associated with a real-life class does not exist when they learn to read Quran online. There is no teacher there to talk to your kids with their condescending tones. They don't have to fight to get good grades, right away. Your children don't even have to keep up with the rest of the class. The latter is possibly the most significant benefit of learning online. Instead of keeping up with other students or falling behind, the online lessons of the Quran allow their children the time they need to absorb everything. This is essential if knowledge is expected to remain with you throughout your life. A large percentage of students break their books to get a good grade. They are not taking the knowledge to remember it for life. This is not how it should be to learn the Quran. They should not only put everything in their head but also in their heart. Have you noticed how your children learn faster when they are not under pressure? Exactly. How to get the best online Quran lesson for your children In general, being able to learn the Quran online is an exciting way for students to assimilate information. It is better to find teachers with an excellent reputation to teach the lessons. Skilled teachers can make learning more informative, stimulating and highly effective for children. In general, online learning is simple and will only require a computer with an Internet connection and a headset. After that, the student and the teacher will connect with the help of Skype and can start with the designated lessons. In fact, it seems as if you are literally sitting next to each other in a regular classroom. However, there are lots of resources online claiming to have professional tutors, but not all are reliable. So, how do you check through all the fakes and find the real one? Here are some tips: • Check the course outline Some websites offer online Quran lessons that are not realistic or simplified enough. For your kids to understand the Quran correctly after the training period, you must visit a website that shows that their tutors can break down even the most complex concepts to the little kids during the online Quran classes. Some sites don’t have a course outline at all. This is a huge red flag! You need to know how the Quran will be taught online for kids. • Do they give certificates? After the online Quran classes, your kid should be tested to ensure that they understand everything they have been taught. The certificates show that after their tutor has properly taught them the Quran online with Tajweed, they have passed with amazing results. • Free trial period You can know if a website for online Quran lessons is reliable if there is the opportunity to test it out for a short time to understand and judge accurately. Free trial periods will let you listen to how the online Quran tutor takes your kids the basics, introduction, and how they flow together. A free trial will also let you know your child’s reaction to the tutor. As you know, when a tutor can’t communicate with the child adequately, the learning process will not proceed smoothly. The decision lies in your hand, and you can give the go-ahead for online Quran classes when you are thoroughly satisfied. • Check their testimonials What have other people said about them? Testimonials help you get a first-hand report from people who have taken the online lessons before. Check for words such as efficient, time-saving and comprehensive. When past learners say a lot of good things about a website, this shows that they are a reliable source of Quran lesson for kids. However, some sites do put up fake testimonials. So, be sure to check for red flags when the testimonials are just too good to be true. • Certified by relevant agencies For learning Quran online, you need to be sure that the website has the necessary permissions to teach your kids. Some websites may show adulterated versions. To confirm this, see if the website has been listed on any relevant sites as a useful resource with certification from relevant agencies. • How affordable is it? Online Quran classes should not be so expensive. You can narrow your search down to those that fit within your budget for each month. With these guidelines, there are still so many online Quran learning resources to choose from. Having made our findings properly and based on the criteria above, we have decided to save you the stress of searching through thousands of resources. TARTEELEQURAN is one of the best places for your kids to learn the Quran online. Here are some