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'Ajwa' dates Usually international pilgrims are not thinking about buying of dates from other area than Madinah. Ajwa price depends upon the dimensions, a good high quality large dimension dates of Ajwa now being sold round SR. one hundred twenty – 150 per KG and small dimension fetching the price range between SR. eighty- 70 per KG. Packed tray sells containing weight of 500 grams and one kilo has extra worth. In Madinah most of shops selling Ajwa dates in packets and some as loose. Vendors at website of Ohud battle filed which comprising principally foreigners are promoting it free; like different dates Ajwa additionally ripe in peak summer time later it's kept at cold shops in order to continuing the sale throughout the year specially in Ramadan, Haj periods. they ship to your hotel .shopping for on-line is safer as there is a reimbursement assure and so they also do cash on delivery in Madinah.i would prefer to take my time and browse all the qualities on-line and select precisely which dates I need to buy as a substitute of being pressurised by salesman to purchase a particular stock he might be wanting to offload on to me. As you may already know there are three grades of Ajwa dates, Grade three, 2 and 1.

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