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The harvesting device integrates the harvester to overcome the sifting of unhulled paddy, as well as the grain has been cleared of dust in addition to vacant grain. The working system of this Combine Farmer device is cutting, accumulating, threshing, cleansing as well as floating grain returns, to ensure that the grain is taken to an area of drying out to be dried in the sun to completely dry conditions. The dimension of the combining device is figured out by the amount of reducing width. The variety of reducing lines is from 2 to 4 paddy planting lines. The driving pressure of the motor is also greater than the reaping machine engine, which is between 10 to 25 DK. For mini makers incorporating 4-lane cutting size, the driving electric motor power is around 25 DK. With one driver and also one regulator can increase above it. If your ag belt is damaged, you can see to obtain a brand-new one.

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