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Advertisement Arona (NO), at Villa Bucchi and up to 30 march 2008, an exhibition entitled: Picasso ‘900. Sony ericsson you are a lover of hiking and de trekking we recommend the Romantic Road, a route in stages in the territory of the Langhe electronic Roero in 11 stages, which includes sights was a privileged and a Fortress of the Roero, geological phenomenon of erosion that has given rise to sheer walls and pinnacles between the green vegetation, which offers numerous trails, and landscapes from fairy-tale. Langhe and Roero: a vacation in contact which keeps the nature that does not renounce to comforts, in accommodations made even more welcoming by the possibility of relaxing in the pool in the wellness centre, the numerous sports and cultural activities, from gastronomic specialities to taste at festivals and in restaurants. The custom pada celebrate Halloween is very much within vogue in the United States of America, but also in Italy there are places where it is celebrated the eve of all saints ' day especially in the areas of Campania, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, de Lazio, Veneto, Vallle D'aosta and Piemonte, An excellent opportunity to discover ancient traditions evil impotence to encourage the children to search in the countryside around the agriturismo in Tuscany, to a farm within Umbria, Friuli and within Lombardia, B&B, and Locuinta Holidays Sardinia, Puglia electronic Molise, looking among the trees of the woods of fairies and elves, mischievous. one The Piemonte Region, in harmony with the community legislation electronic national, promotes and regulates the farm in order to promote the development and the rebalancing of agricultural land, facilitate the permanence of agricultural producers in rural areas through the improvement of the conditions of life electronic the increase in farm income, enhancing the economic structures and the electronic production of the countryside, protecting i actually characters of the environment in general and in particular of what is rural, and its resources, enhance the typical products of electronic and those coming from organic farming, to promote and protect the traditions and cultural initiatives de the rural world, and to encourage relationships between the city and the countryside, improve the potential of the' tourist offer of piemonte. Is it possible to organise, for small groups, cooking courses, photography workshops and guided tasting of the wines of Langhe and Roero. Prestigious historic estate on the hills of the Roero apartments electronic rooms finely furnished with antique furniture and taste. Located in Treiso, nine km from Neive, Cascina Alberta offers a bar electronic the free WiFi. The traditional breakfast includes local products both sweet and savoury from the hills of the Langhe. Located in Gignese, the 20-minute drive from Stresa and the shores of Lake Maggiore, Hotel Ristorante Vittoria offers a restaurant, a bar, electronic rooms with free WiFi. We were four nights in ARIANNE POT and we enjoyed it very much, including the vista pada the mid-Piedmont and the vineyards, the swimming pool, the splendid 4-course dinner of the hosts and the wine excellent. The Langhe Region is famous for the fine wines - Barolo, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto - and there are many wine cellars located within minutes, to go wine-tasting. Who is already the state even knows the sympathy and the hospitality of the people of the Langhe area, that is constantly ready to offer you the best of this thriving area with a long history. Offers bed and breakfast within charming accommodations, apartments electronic rooms with bathroom.

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