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Within anticipation of the first snowfall that will reopen the new winter season, we want to introduce you to one of the trekking routes fall made this year. In a? ancient masseria of 1700, nestled in the green countryside of Muro Leccese, recipes of salento made with km 0 products and served in a rustic and electronic friendly. Between the rooms, in a rustic atmosphere along with fine, there is a Suite with view of the sea. Farm and horse farm immersed in the nature of the Abruzzo National Park. In short, go to this resort if you really want to live the spirit of the mountain and de national park of Abruzzo. The Masseria of the xvii century restored at a little distance de uma Vieste in the heart of the Parco Nazional del Gargano. Let me remind you of only the masseria "the stanzie", near Supersano - Mesh -in the province of Lecce because I had the opportunity to learn more about arianne owner last year after the marriage of my daughter to this farm(see photo) beautiful-out of this world and from the noise-used as currently the restaurant Has held the lunch of the council for an evening among friends for the wedding of your children. Simplicity , accessibility -good taste-genuinità of the foods, quiet , affordable price are the ingredients of this farm. Situated within a quiet rural area, the 1 km from Palagianello, Cava Fiorita offers a garden, terrace and air-conditioned rooms, a restaurant and a bar. Comfortable apartments equipped with full kitchen, with large green spaces, adjacent to a pine forest which keeps a view of the lake, just four miles from the sea. In the Gargano National Park, in the countryside of Vieste, between the olive groves in the electronic pine forests, it is a km from the sea and offers the bike for each to go to the beach, vegetable, electronic extra virgin olive oil. In the green hills of Ostuni surrounded by orange trees and olive trees, cuando find the agriturismo Salinola, an oasis pada peace for a holiday pada relaxation of both the sea and in the countryside. The Agriturismo Miralago Is located in villa lago, on the shores of the Scanno Lake, it Is ideal for those who love a mountain, its flavors, rhythms and colors. A family-run business situated in the beautiful region of Abruzzo, close to the nature del National Park Abruzzo and a number of natural reserves, near the coast of Francavilla, Ortona, Vasto. The Agriturismo Rosso di Sera Is located in Cugnoli, province of Pescara. The Farm the Harrow Is an ideal destination to spend a relaxing holiday in the hill mother close to the sea, you can also admire the impressive peaks of the Majella and Gran Sasso.

New Year's Eve Dinner Within Agriturismo Ostuni Tel. 0831330683