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Property for sale in Cyprus

North Cyprus sunshine: not just for sunbathing Also documents regarding the acquisition of property in the north of Cyprus might be presumed by the Cypriot authorities to relate to the unlawful switch of Greek Cypriot property and may be topic to confiscation when crossing the Green Line. Anyone present in possession of those paperwork could also be asked to make an announcement to the Cypriot authorities and could face felony proceedings under the 20 October modification. Investment Properties in Cyprus In different circumstances, nevertheless, the Title Deeds can take months or even years to be issued. But it’s still commonplace in Cyprus to continue with the transfer, pay the stability and reside within the property when you wait. It’s usually safe to buy properties which were issued with their all-necessary Title Deeds. However, it’s not all plain crusing. In circumstances the place a contract has been deposited at a Land Registry Office and the seller fails to fulfil his contractual obligations, the purchaser can apply to a Court demanding the switch of the property to their name.

property for sale in Nicosia