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The bank data of the regional Observatory on the Farm takes the information from the Regional Information System, which in turn is powered by the Provinces, which complete the company profile with the list of services, products, periods, pada opening, i.e. all the information "tourist", objective, and verified. six. In case they are not hosted or organized groups of school youth, in the accommodation agritourism Is allowed to use the dorms piÃ1 beds electronic overlap each bed to another bed, for each a ricettività maximum of twenty-five beds, without having to increase the surfaces and airspaces of the rooms; for the respect of the other reports are counted the sleeps effective. C) organising activities for recreation, sports electronic cultural in the context of the company severally or jointly with activities in which allesamt in letters a) and b), which are connected and integrated which includes activities and qualities of the farm and of the rural environment. To view the online help it Is necessary to access the web site When accessing the home page of the site, which draws directly from the regional Observatory of Farms, the data bank managed by the territorial Offices of the regional (Utr) electronic from the province of Sondrio, which contains the companies in the possession of the requirements necessary to carry out the activity farm. "The association of Green Tourism and Turin, - said the president Pierangelo Dinner - in the perspective to assess the issues related to the farm, and for each to formulate a useful document the direct regulations that will be included in the new regional law, has organized on all of arianne territory of the province of Turin, a series of meetings which keeps the agritourism operators, targeted the collect directly from the basic directions and recommendations; the meetings that have given excellent results in terms of participation and content, and we have brought samtliga the production of a report that contains the very essence, of the nature and mentalità of entrepreneurs, who always piÃ1, while not disavowing the past, are projected into the future, and the for each this feel the need of legislation adequate to the needs pada today". Starting from the Gulf of Poets of la Spezia, The Riviera di Levante, cuando show in all your beauty: jagged coasts, villages and torn with tenacity ing the sea, hidden bays, beautiful beaches, typical restaurants and quaint shops that will enhance the culture of electronic the food and wine of liguria. 7. second . If necessary, in relation to the particular services and products required, we Data can also be communicated to third parties who carry out, in quality of autonomous holder of the treatment, functions strictly connected and instrumental to the provision of services, since without story communication, these products and services could not be provided. The Relais La Corte Is the ideal place where to spend a pleasant holiday, organise conference, corporate, convention, banquet facilities your Wedding, in a context that is peaceful and relaxing, which offers numerous activities and entertainment, within a setting characterized by excellent wines, typical products electronic search of the detail. If you want to enjoy a delicious pizza margherita and you want to expand your knowledge on the brand new local pada pizzerias piÃ1 good to Treviglio, then clearly here on our recent blog, you will discover the revolutionary schemes that will allow to establish the best use of the tools to locate the sublime local electronic pizzerias in Treviglio.

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