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Correct service is very important if the Building Owner wishes to assert rights under the Act. Without claiming accurately such rights, a threat of trespass will arise if work is then executed. You may then seek an injunction to halt the work until proper Notices have been served. The Party Wall and so on. Act 1996 (“the Act”) came into pressure on 1st July 1997. The plaster on the celebration wall involved and the construction of the wall itself is, to the most effective of our data, sound on our aspect. Jack Pye is a RICS chartered surveyor and registered valuer specialising in valuation and get together wall work. Often, the adjoining proprietor’s surveyor will focus on their proposed fees with their shopper before taking the matter to the third surveyor. The adjoining owner’s surveyor could clarify the monetary risks related to letting a third surveyor have the final say.

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