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For Golden week this year I took a trip down to Hiroshima for a few days in order to see someplace brand-new and escape the gold week groups in Kyoto. Counterbalancing this sight of them, born of our own hypocritical conditioning, the Danaan, whether in Eire or landmass Europe or Asia, were the finest smiths, jewelers, poets and musicians of their time, they were the Lords of brave warriors and talented horsemen and, regardless of what we may consider the foregoing, they were a righteous, thorough individuals who preserved requirements of conduct in locations of their social life where such requirements were taken into consideration important for the unified order of society. I was annoyed because I wished to consume lunch with the other children, not with 3 old individuals." We have to have made an unusual team around the table: my wizened impaired grandfather, whom people called Petite Joe," my solid grandma that sustained her household as a midwife, my uncle who constantly had a two-day growth of beard, and a five-year-old girl.

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