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Plan on each guest drinking two drinks in the first hour, and one drink for every hour thereafter. iPhone Cases iphone 7 case Instead, the ordinance imposed reasonable requirements on cell towers such as: prohibiting non camouflaged poles in residential and rural areas; applying height and setback restrictions in residential zones; requiring cell phone companies to submit a impact analysis regarding the proposed cell tower; requiring the cell company to properly landscape the cell tower; and requiring the company to apply through a zoning board to obtain a permit for the cell tower.Relying on an earlier 2001 federal case called City of Auburn vs. Qwest Corp., Sprint argued that those requirements were unlawful because they might possibly, in some hypothetical circumstance, prevent it from providing cell phone services.The federal 9th Circuit disagreed and overruled its prior Auburn decision. The court held that a phone company that sues to overturn a city cell tower zoning ordinance under the Telecommunications Act show actual or effective prohibition, rather than the mere possibility of prohibition iphone 7 case. Apple iPhone 7 Plus - Premium 2 Tone Leather Folding Wallet Case, Purple/Black Apple iPhone 6s - Luxmo Charging Bundle - Includes Car & Home Charger Adapters, Lightning Cable & Headphones, White Apple iPhone 6 - Votec SP92 High Def Tangle-Free 3.5mm Stereo Headset w/Microphone, Black/Blue Apple iPhone 6 - HyperGear Stik Power Bank / Portable Phone Charger and Flash Light (2600 mAh) with Micro USB cable, Pink