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Boutique hotels represent the greatest of the hotel sector. Bill was a pioneer in the sector in that regard exactly where he didn't see restaurants as food and beverage outlets, as most folks get in touch with them we didn't use the terminology outlets, they have been restaurants or bars, and they had been not run by hotel men and women, they had been run by restaurant and bar men and women. Bill Kimpton discovered buildings in secondary places about San Francisco that had the prospective to be converted to hotels and to add a higher-power bar. We function a range of special small hotels from all over the world because we believe there are many approaches to interpret luxury. Now it's gone from perhaps getting a fad, if you want, I do not imply a fad but a trend, into a bona-fide segment, the boutique hotel business with everyone, I would not say everyone, but a lot of men and women in the industry trying to emulate some piece of the model, whether or not it'd be design and style,

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