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Nonstick cookware continues to Sell well, and merchants expect it to keep on growing at 30 percent annually for many manufacturers. The compounds used in the non invasive procedure have grown to the point that customers see the things as top quality as well as suitable. One of the leading brands are T Fal, Chantal, Meyer's Farberware, and Regal Ware.

 Nonstick Was hot in 1995 and is now continuing to gain ground thus far in 1996. While traditionally a solid performer at reduced priced segments, non stick on anything from aluminum to stainless steel, made out of cast iron to enamel steel, non stick cookware has been fueling a boom at the top end also.

 "Quality Nonstick is increasing 30 percent a year," explained Dean Kasperzak, vice president of advertising at Commercial Aluminum.

 "Nonstick Is expanding greatly," added Rich Kratchman, product director for Kitchen Kapers, a specialty series. "The compounds used for non pole are stronger than they was. Also, it fits in with the trend in healthy cooking. You don't have to use oils."

 Other Retailers echoed the identical thought. "Nonstick continues to be strong. Our bestseller is a personal label $59 six piece non set in heavy gauge aluminum," says David Hachberg, a spokesman for cataloger Lillian Vernon. "We cater to women who enjoy the simplicity of cleaning."

 In '95, Chantal added a non profit set a 10 piece retailing for $389 coated with Whitford's Excalibur. Sets sold well at Williams Sonoma, Dillards and Crate & Barrell, according to the Corporation. Norm Schoenfeld of Meyer Corp. explained it had been a"very prosperous year for all of us in trading as much as stainless steel nonstick and hard anodized non refundable. Analon and also Circulon are extremely powerful"

 In January, Meyer introduced its non aluminum cookware line which carries the Farberware brandnew. According to Schoenfeld six Farberware branded lines are really well received and a number of retailers committed to earning a few lines.

 Macy's East broke an exclusive variant of the brand, Vanguard 1000, which carried the Farberware name and packaging that ties it in with other Farberware branded goods. Retailing an eight bit set for $69, the company reported solid sales of this line, which broke throughout the East Coast within the President's Day weekend.

 "We're Going to add three lines," said the toaster buyer for a single regional department store chain of Meyer's Farberware offering"We have a solid Farberware firm already in stainless steel and this only gives the newest all the impact."

 With All six lines priced between $59 and $99, Meyer's Farberware nonstick aluminum cookwarejoins an already crowded field of branded nonstick aluminum cookware manufacturers that includes players like T Fal, Wear Ever and Regal, all which have strengthened their offerings in 1996.

 "We Would be the king of nonstick," stated Fal's Sabourin, which is celebrating its 40th year of offering nonstick cook ware. "We had our best year in 1996. Folks recognize we are the quality of our product."

 With The debut of 3 new Aramaral branded toaster lines for department stores over the last fourteen months, the business is presently making its popular Resistal technology readily available to mass retailers.

 According Into Sabourin, a T Fal shop targeted at department stores is in the works.

 Maspion, A leading provider of private label cookware, has lately stepped up its attempts to construct a cook ware new, and at tile recent gourmet show introduced its very first cookware sets beneath its emerging Tivoli brand.

 Dubbed Tivoli Easi, the new non stick aluminum cookware line includes a granite tiled nonstick inside of Whitford's reinforced Quantum coating, stainless steel grips and an anti warp bottom design.

 "This Is for department stores just," said Tarno Lo, director of Maspion Group's North American operations. "We will offer specialty and department shops their particular configurations to allow them to differentiate and still make a good margin."

 Pricing Online, which can be of eight gauge construction and includes a thicker bottom than sidewall to resist warping, is 119 proposed for an eight part set, encouraged everywhere between $79 and $99.

 Nonstick On stainless steel, and in 1993 and 1994 became one of the fastest growing segments from the standpoint of maker stinks, leveled off in 1995. From the box with a great deal of guarantee, the category was going through a time of readjustment as manufacturers seek check pricing and configuration difficulties, and merchants nice tune their assortments to fulfill customers' less than expected demand.

 However, In the current gourmet series, Regal Ware took the wraps off a brand new line of non traditional stainless the corporation will star in a new brand new. The expectation, according to the company, is that the newest stainless line, which is connected to Regal's Royal Diamond nonstick aluminum collection, will meet with the exact high earnings. Royal Diamond, based on Steve Fraser, executive vice president of Regal Ware, has now topped $60 million in just over two years on the air.

 For Other stainless manufacturers, nonstick has become more of a necessity as a add to feed items. Maverick, that markets Jenn Air brand cookware, will make non profit available only on key fry items. This is the same policy followed closely by stainless players such as All Clad, and also more recently, Revere. The latter included a new range of nonstick fry pans into the Solutions stainless steel line in the show.

 Cuisinart, Which had significant success with the coming of its Day uncoated stainless line in 1994, recently repositioned its Stick Free Stainless nonstick stainless line which was introduced at last year's gourmet series. The lineup, which initially purchased for about $279, was repriced to market in the $250 range for a seven piece set, closer to the $199 retail of Every Day uncoated cookware.

 According Into Paul Ackels, vice president of marketing at Cuisinart, sales have picked up since the repositioning.

 Nonstick Coatings were also an integral part of new hard core product introductions, such as offerings by both WearEver along with Regal Ware at January and Meyer's Permaglide introduction in mid 1995.

 Regal Ware took the wraps off a brand new color on color coating notion developed in concert with DuPont at the January series. Dubbed ProGlide, the new layer technology was accessible on two cookware lines Grey Mist and Copper Glow. The idea was enlarged at the current gourmet show to include new color combinations and appearances.

 Nonstick cookware proceeds to Grow as a proportion of overall cook Inc, representing 78% of earnings, As demonstrated by a poll conducted by National Family Opinion, a promotion Research firm.