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buy property in cyprus paphos, properties for rent in cyprus paphos, property in cyprus to rent Are you searching to rent or buy in Cyprus? There is a lot of property for sale in Paphos where the renowned Aphrodite's Rock is situated. In Peyia there is a significant selection of affordable properties - from apartments for £40,000, to 3-bed townhouses for a small more than £100,000 to 5-bed villas for £250,000. Coupled with the loosening of Central Bank lending restrictions, this makes Cyprus a less expensive and easier place to borrow than it was last year." Chairman of Aristo, Theodoros Aristodemou, says that there are new lending restrictions for purchasers, which means that in order to obtain a loan in Cyprus purchasers ought to make a minimum contribution of 20 per cent for a initially property purchase (to be applied as primary residence), and a 30 per cent contribution for all other situations (for non-residents and for investment purposes).

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