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Lots of homeowners learn that their air con device has a tendency to break down whenever they need it quite possibly the most -- on unbearably sizzling summer season times. In case your air conditioner is not really cooling your house, the smartest thing that you could do is connect with a HVAC technician to fix The problem. However, prior to deciding to connect with a HVAC technician, here are a few matters that you can do to most likely take care of the problem or a minimum of Enhance the function on the unit until the HVAC technician comes. 1. Transform Your Filter The very first thing that you ought to do to take care of the issue of AC not cooling Jacksonville is alter your filter. For most air-con units, the filter can be found within the air handler cabinet. Generally, this cabinet might be accessed from a door within the front of your device. Before you begin modifying the filter, you ought to convert off the power so which the air con unit would not pose a danger on your security. If

What to Do When AC Not Cooling