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Professor Adrian David Cheok And The Hypersonic Exchange 28/6/2019 There has been a media inquiry from Lisa Martin of The Guardian about my link with the Hypersonic Exchange which is a cryptocurrency platform. 1. The platform and web site is still in early research and development stage, and the web site is a pure draft. There is absolutely NO operational exchange and there are NO customers on the platform, only academic and research users. 2. As a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science my job is to research new technologies, of which Bitcoin is one. 3. I asked the developers at the start of the project to put a "password" on the web site. However they said it is not required, as we also want to do research testing such as SEO analysis which requires public web sites. 4. To emphasize, the web site is absolutely a draft only. There is no exchange in operation, there are ZERO customers (except testing customers with no actual money, only testing) and there is ZERO dollars in the exchange. If anyone wanted to send money to the exchange we would say a flat out NO, that we are still and academic study. 5. For the Guardian newspaper to "investigate" the legality of an academic test exchange is a pure and total witch hunt, on what is a normal run of the mill academic project. We must ask what is the Guardian's agenda to run this witch hunt? Thank you, Professor Adrian David Cheok AM

Professor Adrian David Cheok And The Hypersonic Exchange