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north cyprus property news, property for rent in nicosia cyprus, property for sale in nicosia by owners In a seaside complicated of properties in Limassol in the Mediterranean island Cyprus there is for sale a beachside apartment in Yermasoyiatourist region in Limassol that will satisfy you to the fullest with all its comforts and it is undoubtedly a distinctive option to buy a coastal property in Cyprus for these who are searching to invest and buy an apartment in Limassol either for permanent residence, for vacation flat or for an investment with extended-lasting worth in the future in the island of beauty Cyprus. The location of it tends to make Nicosia an fantastic area in which to buy homes in Cyprus. Couple of would argue that property has generally been a sound investment and proper now Cyprus holiday homes are amongst some of the quickest rising investments out there. With a panoramic view of the sea, a great view of the city and the mountains, the luxury seaside apartments for sale in Limassol are positioned inside a walking distance to the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea (300m) whilst the cosmopolitan city of Limassol is 14 km away from the apartments that are for sale in the tourist region of Parekklisia - Limassol.

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