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Matt Reginald Clifford is actually a 36-calendar year-old particular trainer who enjoys cookery, badminton and portray. He's vivid and giving, but can be quite unkind along with a little bit unfriendly. He's Swedish who defines himself as straight. He started out finding out sports science at college but never concluded the course. He contains a serious phobia of bananas Physically, Matt is in very good condition. He's normal-top with pale skin, brown hair and brown eyes. He has an unusually lengthy nose. He grew up inside of a Doing the job course neighbourhood. He was elevated by his mother, his father owning left when he was young. He's presently solitary. His most up-to-date romance was having a novelist named Ida Emilia Berry, who was 10 years older than him. They broke up since Ida felt inside the shadow of Matt's brilliance. Matt's best friend is a personal coach referred to as Anton Holland. They have an extremely firey friendship. He also hangs all around with Carl Blake and Alex Lewis. They get pleasure from Hearing the radio together.

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