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cyprus permanent residency for eu citizens, australian permanent resident visa to europe, cyprus immigration by investment The requirement for long-term residency in Cyprus and its permit is granted to non-EU nationals who have continuously resided legally for five years. An person is eligible for the acquisition of Cypriot citizenship, if he or she has a mixture of the above, i.e. investment in government bonds, investment in financial assets of Cypriot corporations or organisations, investment in actual estate, land improvement and infrastructure projects, purchase or creation or participation in Cypriot enterprises or firms and deposits in Cypriot banks, to at least €5 million. But what has happened considering that then is what has been billed as Rainbow-type of social relations that have manifest themselves as a "new" reality to South Africa. Non-tax residents are charged to tax only on income generated inside Cyprus, i.e rents, royalties, remuneration or other income arising from property situated in Cyprus.

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