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Tips To Sew Your Tote Bags

People are excited about turning tote bags into some fashion bag. The grocery really should understand the value of tote bags and how they always want more new things. Tote bags should replace plastics bag due to its safety.

The coolest thing is that you can absolutely create own tote bag at home with all of the important materials which can easily be found nearby (read more in heavy duty sewing machine reviews). Here we go!

  1. Medium Sized T-Shirt:

The first thing you can use is a medium-sized T-shirt. A tote bag made by a large shirt will be hard to handle for casual shopping.

Don’t use a stretchy shirt, it will make the bag heavier if you put some things in. You can use a rotary cutter and tailor chalk for more precise cut then use a sewing machine to sew the bottom of the shirt.

Sewing the straight seam is a must. It is not easy to complete this part so I suggest using pins some tailor chalks as mentioned. Backstitching will be the final step of the project.

Let’s have a look at your handmade tote bag by turning the t-shirt right side out. You can add some decoration to make your bag look more cool.

  1. Pillowcase Bag:

A T-shirt is not the only material you can use for a tote bag. Some printed bedsheets with the printed pillowcases, which can easily be found in our home, are great materials as well. Here goes another idea of tote bags from the cheap, familiar things around us.

These pillowcases already had beautiful prints so your tote bag is going to look nice without any self-decoration.And you will be able to save your time a lot as the pillowcase’s bottom is already closed.Only a little of amendments here to be done. Create the handle by making a curve at the wrong side of your pillowcase.

You can sew tote bag from pillowcase bag

Cut that part out by a rotary cutter and sew the open ends of your pillowcase with the best sewing machine for beginners which is easy to use. Tote bags which are made by this method is absolutely perfect for suitable for casual shopping.

  1. Towel Tote Bag:

Let’s continue your passion for creating handmade products with a towel tote bag. Firstly, choose for yourself a towel which is sized similar to your ideal tote bag.

Give it a bag shape by sewing along the side of your towel. Use suitabletools since towels are often thick. After the simple stitching, you will have to complete the backstitching to finish the bag’s body. A rotary cutter will help you with the handles by cutting a curve-shaped part from the upper point of your bag.

You should pay attention to the stitch to check the thickness before the sewing machine part.

After securing all sides of your bag, your tote bag will ready to be used. Nothing is better than enjoying your shopping time with a unique bag made by yourself.


Any useless thing in your home may be a great material for a handmade tote bag. And the best starter sewing machine will help you do your sewing projects more easily and perfectly.

Tote bags can be used for your casual shopping or as your gifts to any beloved one. Continue to create cool things with your creative ideas. Good luck!